Vita Embryo

Standardized Embryo Assessment

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Key Features
  • 01
    Maximized Precision
    Maximized precision grounded in thousands of data points, our deep learning algorithm continually evolves, ensuring accurate and adaptive embryo evaluations. This approach maximizes the precision of the assessments.
  • 02
    No Extra
    Seamless Integration functions seamlessly without the necessity for timelapse or the installation of extra hardware. This facilitates a hassle-free setup, eliminating additional costs associated with the service.
  • 03
    Streamlined embryo evaluation and classification by simply uploading an image. This process provides essential information promptly, contributing to efficient clinical decision-making.
CE : EC Certificate issued under the European Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) [First Issue Date] 06 September 2023/ [Expiry Date] 06 September 2024 / [Issuer] CMC MEDICAL DEVICES & DRUGS S.L.
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Embryo Assessment
How Vita Embryo Detects
  • ICM

  • TE

  • ZP

  • Blastocoel

Inner Cell Mass
The ICM becomes the embryo and its structures. A larger, densely packed ICM is associated with an increased likelihood of implantation.
Preg prediction
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Anticipated Impacts
  • Enhance Success

    Unlock heightened pregnancy success rates with AI-powered objective analysis for precise embryo selection. Our strategies help build personalized plans that take into account individual circumstances and conception potential.

  • Data Driven Decision

    Vita Embryo's standardized scoring system empowers embryologists to assess pregnancy likelihood with a simple image upload, revolutionizing how fertility professionals make informed clinical decisions.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    Leverage Vita Embryo’s consolidated data for precise embryo selection and elevate patient understanding and satisfaction through personalized, data-based counseling.

  • Do I need to install any additional hardware or software?

    No, Vita Embryo operates without the need for timelapse or any additional hardware installations.
  • How does Vita Embryo assist embryologists?

    Vita Embryo offers tools that enable embryo researchers to more precisely assess the condition and quality of embryos. By providing data-driven scores, researchers can make decisions based on solid information.
  • How does the objective analysis function work?

    Simply by uploading an embryo image, Vita Embryo's system predicts the probability of embryo implantation. Our analysis, based on extensive data and a deep learning algorithm, provides a straightforward and objective evaluation.