Vita Cryo

Streamlined Inventory Management

for Cryopreservation

Key Features
  • 01
    Integrated Sample Tracking
    Vita Cryo offers integrated tracking of frozen samples, allowing seamless management by consolidating patient information with sample-specific data.
  • 02
    Cloud-Based Management
    Leveraging cloud technology, Vita Cryo provides a centralized and accessible platform for managing frozen samples, ensuring efficient and secure data storage.
  • 03
    Visualized Inventory Control
    The software enhances inventory control by visualizing tanks, canisters, and straws, enabling users to easily monitor and manage sample locations and overall storage capacity.
Flow Chart
Vita Cryo Features
  • Intuitive visualization
  • Real-time availability tracking
  • Rapid sample data access
  • Sample preparation support
  • Efficient disposal Management
  • Error reduction
Patient communication
  • How does the automatic classification function for sample disposal work?

    Once you set the storage duration for the samples, the system will automatically list those samples scheduled for disposal one month before their intended disposal date.
  • How can I quickly search for the desired sample information?

    By searching for a patient's name or ID within our integrated platform, you can swiftly access related frozen sample data. This allows you to determine the exact location of the frozen samples, ensuring instant access when required.
  • How can the system help save time?

    Our system automatically indicates available canisters, eliminating the need to manually search for available space, which greatly reduces the time and effort involved.
  • What can I expect as a result of using this system?

    By utilizing our system, you can expect a significant reduction in sample management time, leading to enhanced work efficiency. Thanks to the consolidated data management, you can also formulate clearer strategies for sample management and utilization.